Andrew Robert Burgess – UX Designer

Andrew Robert Burgess - User Experience Designer


My name is Andrew Robert Burgess. I’m a UX Designer based in London, UK, with over 18 years experience in inception, design and development of websites, interfaces and promotions. On this site, you can read my blog, look at my portfolio, find out more about me, or get in touch.

A bit more about me

Presenting my ideas to coleagues

Presenting my ideas to colleagues

Some of my work

Here are a few examples of my work. To see more, visit my portfolio page.

Springer Materials

Springer Materials homepage

Springer Materials is an online resource for chemists, engineers and others involved in materials science, providing data and information on the physical properties of elements and compounds. As Senior UX Designer on the project, I have been responsible for developing the interface and experience on the site, ensuring that users can easily locate the information […]

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BioMed Central: publisher and journal sites redesign

BioMed Central front page

BioMed Central is an open-access scientific publisher, running over 200 scientific journals, most of which exist solely online. I was part of a large team involved in redesigning and reworking the publisher’s site, along with all of its journals into a more updated, responsive and suitable solution. Working as a Senior UX Designer, I was asked […]

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MediLib: Online medical paper delivery system

An example page on MediLib

We designed the Medilib system as a self-contained method for delivering medical papers to Health Care Professionals. We achieved this through an email, a single summary delivery page, and a back-end content management system. With this, publishers could promote their new papers to users, without needing to send out physical copies. Since building Medilib, both […]

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Some of my latest thoughts on the fields of User Experience, Design and Technology. You can view more on my blog page.

UX Research: when the users can’t come to you, you have to go to them

The Springer stall at the ACS Fall Conference

In some projects, the users don’t come to you for research, so you have to ensure you go to them. This is crucial in ensuring that your project addresses their needs, and that you don’t get mired in assumptions during production. This post discusses an example of how I went to a conference in Philadelphia to seek out users to talk to.

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Talking with machines

Talking with machines - an example of a conversational UI

We’ve been working for some time to find ways to talk to machines, and one such method of late has been the idea of a purely conversational interface. This article provides a history of how we came to this point, and where things can go from here.

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A discussion on survival in the modern world.

I’m currently in a bit of a hiatus from Facebook, and, to some degree, from reading the news. The culmination of post-Brexit blues, the rise of Donald Trump, the constant barrage of news stories about people slaughtering each other with machine guns, knives and bombs around the world, the refugee crisis, the decline of the […]

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