The Well Grounded Java Developer


Two friends, Ben and Martijn, approached me to help promote a book they were writing, The Well Grounded Java Developer. The aim was to provide touchpoints for marketing the book, and a community for it to discuss its contents. The solution I devised included a single page site and social media presences, allowing for links to key information and discussion.


The website for the book was a single page site, complementing the publisher’s website. Our site provided background information and links to social media platforms. It was hand-coded in HTML5 and CSS3 (with fallbacks for older browsers), using a font-face logotype and CSS3 drawn elements to provide a smaller load time and machine readable content.

Website for the Well Grounded Java Developer book

The website for the Well Grounded Java Developer book

Social Media

To support the website, and bolster community and promotion, I produced a Facebook page and a Twitter account. This allowed the authors to engage with readers, and provide a source of updates on progress for the book.


Engagement with the strong Java developer community on social media meant interest grew very quickly for the book. Our SEO plan included strict control of meta tags, linking to and from respected industry websites and frequent updates and content. This was rewarded with analytics that showed a large upward surge in the first week.

The site quickly rose to the number one slot on Google for the key search terms.


Despite being a fairly small project, it was pleasingly successful, and provided a springboard for the authors to launch their careers. Both Ben and Martijn are now well respected authors in the fields of Java and software development, and are in demand for seminars around the world. I feel glad to have helped them get the recognition they deserve.

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    Ben Evans and Martijn Verburg
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