MediLib – pharmaceutical sales application


As the next step to the MedEngine project, we looked into making MediLib, a sales tool for pharmaceutical sales representatives to use to help promote papers and books. These papers and books serve as ways of promoting pharmaceutical products, and provides the healthcare professionals with important information about the latest developments in medical product advancement. Our brief was to produce a system which would allow the sales reps the ability to show the healthcare professionals details of these texts as quickly and easily as possible.


Whiteboard showing a list of questions we devised for pharmaceutical sales reps

Brainstorming questions to ask pharma sales reps, in order to understand their requirements

In order to properly understand the needs of our users, we organised a series of interviews with key user types. We divided these amongst healthcare professionals, the end consumers of the papers, and the sales representatives who would be using our product to promote the papers to them. We devised a series of questions around learning how they usually operated, day to day, as well as in detail about how they used digital devices, deal with problems, and what they did after they had finished. This helped us to build an extensive picture of their requirements.


The took our findings, and developed them into a series of artefacts – personas and an infographic, which would help the team and stakeholders understand the users better. These included sales representatives, product managers and managers from the pharmaceutical sales side, and a series of doctors, all from different territories, to understand the differences between their requirements.

Printed versions of our personas and infographic, on the office wall

The eight different personas we developed from our research findings, covering sales reps and healthcare professionals from different territories, as well as our infographic, showing how their situations differed. This was displayed on our office wall, for stakeholders and team members to regularly read up on.

Persona sheet showing the needs and requirements for a US based pharmaceutical Product Manager

Persona for a US based pharmaceutical sales Product Manager

Persona sheet showing the requirements of a doctor from South America

Persona for a doctor based in South America


In order to explain the relationship between each of the personas, I worked with my colleague Robin Hayward, to develop an infographic. This infographic indicated key information, such as a typical day for a sales rep, the lifespan of different products they they were promoting, and the time representatives in different countries would get with healthcare professionals. This helped our team to develop a product that would take all of these requirements into consideration.

Infographic explaining the relationships between sales reps and healthcare professionals in different countries

The infographic, explaining the relationships between sales reps and healthcare professionals in different countries, including details such as time spent, the makeup of a typical day, the lifespan of different products, and more.


A mock-up diagram of the MediLib interface

A mock-up of the MediLib iPad app, produced using Balsamiq

Working with the team and stakeholders, we designed a series of solutions, which we then iterated on, to product the sales tool. This was an iPad app would allow the pharmaceutical sales representative to show the healthcare professional key texts which would they would be interested in, and help promote products.


Screenshot of the iPad interface for the MediLib application

The finished MediLib iPad app interface layout

The finished app was produced by an external app development team, who helped us to realise our goal into a working application. We provided key iterative feedback on each stage of the development, to ensure our vision was being properly realised.

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