Austin Reed group: marketing campaign emails


Austin Reed Group, the high street fashion company, brought me onboard to produce a campaign of emails for their three heritage brands РAustin Reed, Country Casuals and Viyella. As Senior Designer and Developer on the project, it was my responsibility to devise, design, code and send output to five separate emails a day.

Due to this increased cadence, it was imperative to ensure that each email had the correct information and branding on each. I devised several patterns within the branding that could be easily recycled, thereby reducing production times. The information was regularly at stages of production, which ensured that details were correct before the emails were sent.

Sale alerts

We also grouped the emails into different types, to clarify the message. Below are some examples of sales alerts for the three brands. Indicating sales offers and key interests, they provide a clear message to the customer.

Range offers

Another type of email we produced was designed to inform customers of the ranges of clothing and products on offer. These would be longer, but maintained bold designs throughout to retain customer attention.



Whilst I am pleased with the work I produced for the Austin Reed Group, it was quite intensive. It taught me a lot about the ways in which high street fashion brands market to their customers. Experience since my placement has taught me that the cadence of emails was perhaps unnecessary. Perhaps, in retrospect, it would have been a good opportunity to examine how company communicated with their customers. By doing so, I could have suggested more effective and less arduous methods.

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