MediLib: Online medical paper delivery system

An example page on MediLib

We designed the Medilib system as a self-contained method for delivering medical papers to Health Care Professionals. We achieved this through an email, a single summary delivery page, and a back-end content management system. With this, publishers could promote their new papers to users, without needing to send out physical copies.

An example page on MediLib
The resulting delivery page, presented to users upon following the link in their email. I based the layout upon the information hierarchy, ensuring that page presents the most important information to the user first. Chevrons at the top right of each section allows the user to hide and show text. The right-hand section encourages the user to download the full product and stays with the user as they scroll down the page.

Since building Medilib, both clients and users have deemed it a success, and the system has been used across the medical sector to promote new papers. Clients have remarked upon the ease of use for the back-end, and users have said they find the delivery page well laid out, and easy to use.

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