3D Flash presentations for building visualisations

I was approached by Gerald Eve to help provide them with presentations for use during bid tenders for major City of London banks, that went beyond the normal Powerpoint style production. Using Adobe Flash alongside 3D renderings of floorplates and buildings, I was able to create presentations which allowed my client to show display their knowledge of each banks’ property requirements, which could be left behind on CD for the bank to peruse at their leisure. Several of these presentations led to lucrative agreements being signed, and the client getting the work they were bidding for.

Image showing the locations of key buildings in the city of London
Using hand-drawn maps in vector, we were able to produce ways of displaying a number of premises over a given area, allowing the client’s customers to see the benefits of each locale.


3D rendering of separate floors of a building, with detailed renovation options on the right
3D designs, extrapolated from the floorplans of the building, allowed us to build up detailed approximations of not only floorplates, but also furniture configurations.


3d rendering showing the option of adding extra floors to the building, with details of costs on the right hand side
Having separate plans for each floor meant that we could model specific floors and visualise concepts such as the addition of extra floors.


3D rendering showing the option of replacing the building with a tower, with associated costs on the right hand side
This also allowed us to envisage further concepts such as replacing the original building with a tower, backed up by the data provided by the client, a surveying company, which provided them with a data sheet for their client, a City-based bank.


Final screen of the presentation showing the nearby amenities and transport links on a map for the chosen location
Once a location had been decided upon, we could them provide summary overviews indicating local transport and amenities.

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